Here are some of the Aspects of Awakened Power that will Destroy your Blocks to Creating Authentic Power:

  Family of Origin (your birth family) - Discover what toxic memories you still carry around with you.  We all carry pieces of our pasts with us.  Do you have a small carry-on or are your dragging massive baggage along with you? Are you ready to release the old, toxic memories and maybe even some old, toxic relationships, in order to let go of the past and move into the present?

  Tools (Character Traits) - Your tools are the positive character traits that you use to “get by” in the world. Do use your sense of humor to diffuse difficult situations? Maybe you are a person who sees the inherent beauty in every person you meet.  You’ll discover what your tools are and then you will add to your belt some other tools required to succeed at the game.

  The River (Subconscious Thought) - Next we’ll take a ride on the river of subconscious thought. Before you can heal your life, you must learn how your thoughts affect everything – your job, your relationships, your finances, everything. You’ll learn how to heal your thought patterns.  Once you have adapted your thoughts, you are assured unlimited success in every aspect of your life.

  Teammate (Support) - Having a teammate to play the game with you can be the most important step in assuring your success. We’ll talk about how to choose your partner and how to set some communication guidelines, so that you are supported in ways that are appropriate for you.

  The Obstacle Course (Addiction) - Few of us get through life without an addiction to something: alcohol, food, exercise, television… Anything can become an addiction when it’s used unwisely or unconsciously. We’ll look at addiction and get real about what is holding you back from experiencing your success.

  The Gateway (Surrender) - In the game of Awakened Power this is “do or die” time. Will you choose to surrender to the process, willing to release old thoughts, destructive relationships and any addictions? Once you pass through the gate, there’s no going back. Change is inevitable – and it’s all for good!

  The Dark Forest (Dark Times) - Releasing the old isn’t always easy – that’s why I’m here to guide you and your teammate is there to support you. You will experience a dark time, but it is empowering to know when you come out on the other side, your life will be better, healthier, more fun than it ever was before!

  Pleasant Meadow (Rest and Play) - It’s not all work, work, work in the game. Now that you’ve faced the dark forest, you’ll get a time to explore your new life. Have fun! Live your best life! You’ve done a lot of work and you deserve a time to rest and play.

  Quicksand (Fears) - Remember, once you’ve started the game, there’s no going back. After the pleasant meadow you have done great work and you’ve had a break, but then it’s time to move forward.  How do you know when the time has come?  You’ll get caught in the quicksand.  I’ll show you how to listen to your own inner guidance to move past the fear.  The finish line is in sight!

  Beyond Healing (The Path of Practice) - By this point in the game, you’ve done major healing work. For most of us, this is the most intense, yet most rewarding work we’ll ever do. The next challenge is to follow the path of practice. This means, that you will create healthy patterns in your life that keep you focused physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  Rite of Passage (Celebration Time!) - Every great achievement deserves to be celebrated.   This is where you create a rite of passage for yourself. You have a new, healthier life. Celebrate it! Have fun. Be creative.

  Purpose and Meaning (Giving Back) - Now that you’ve found your power, how are you going to share it with others?  It’s time to let your light shine! No more hiding your gifts, it’s time to give them to the world.

You could be anywhere on your path.  We are all on this journey together.  Where you are now just depends on the life experiences that you have had as well as how open you have been to improving your situation.

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