What I Desire...

In Lessons in Truth Dr. Emilie Cady wrote:

What is desire? Desire in the heart is always God tapping at the door of your consciousness with His infinite supply -- a supply that is forever useless unless there be demand for it. Before you are ever conscious of any lack, of any desire for more happiness, or for fullness of joy, the great Father-Mother heart has desired them for you. It is He in your desiring them that you feel, and think it is only yourself (separate from Him) desiring them. Someone has said, "Desire for anything is the thing itself in incipiency"; that is, the thing you desire is not only for you but has already been started toward you out of the heart of God; it is the first approach of the thing itself striking you that makes you desire it or even think of it at all.

We all want to be happy, comfortable, sincere, loving people. The great truth is that it is our destiny to be these things, it is our purpose, our meaning.

Our desire for these things stems directly from God. "De" "Sire" means "from the Father". Do you see? Desire is holy in and of itself.

And someone will ask, "What if I desire my friend's wife?" Truly, you do not want your friend's wife; rather, you want the love or companionship which that relationship represents for you. The desire for love and companionship is holy, for it comes directly from God.

So I begin to ask myself, "What is it that I desire?" And after some digging I find some surprises:

I want to be useful in the world. I want to be loving and to be loved. I want to feel secure in the world. I want to grow my family, my community. I want to help. I want to be good.

"What's so surprising about that?" you may ask.

The surprise is that I am already doing and being these things. What I most sincerely desire already is.

What do you really desire? What is the holy gift that the "Father-Mother heart" is offering you?

Will you be brave enough to say Yes?


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