If you've never been to the West Coast, you have to visit, if only to see the incredible sunsets. I mean the clouds here are completely unreal and the colors in the sunsets look like the dreams I had as a child about Armageddon.

Driving home from church last Sunday, feeling totally centered, happy and peaceful, there's this sunset that you wouldn't believe! I said, "My God, aren't You creative! This sunset is completely beyond my wildest imagining of what a sunset looks like." It was truly wild: the entire sky to the west was covered in a huge, dark gray cloud trimmed with stark white edges. Here and there were layers of fluffy jet-black clouds with a pure white one thrown in for good measure. And in the exact center, through a break in the gray was a long streak of scarlet. And I do mean scarlet. It was unreal.

I started to marvel again at the never-ceasing creativity of God as Mother Nature. Every sunset, every snowflake, every tree, every person, is completely different, yet the system is always the same.

The sun rises, the sun sets. Every single day. And yet, it manages to be completely different every single time.

I sit in awe.

I learn to welcome change. In all it's glory. I learn to cultivate systems and orderliness. There's a structure to my life, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring or repetitious. It's what I do within the structure that fills my life with color and beauty.

Like that sunset: Predictable. And wild.


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