How To Receive

Over the last few weeks, I've witnessed the struggle of many people to gracefully receive. In recognition that life is a mirror of my own process, I can finally say that over the last few weeks, I've witnessed my own struggle to gracefully receive.

Isn't it funny how much easier it is to see into another's pathology than our own?

Okay, so I guess I have some processing to do around the whole concept of receiving. Words can hardly express my excitement.

By the way, can I just mention here that I'm a little tired of this whole topic? Why is it such a big deal? How come I can't just "get over it"?

So I ask myself, "Self, why are we STILL working on this?" Have you ever noticed that Self always has an answer for you when you stop long enough to check in? Self says back, "Because you're afraid of what people will think of you if you take what you want."

Um, no way! Self, are you serious?! Self is pretty serious. Self doesn't usually joke about these things.

Okay, Shell, take a deep breath. Am I really afraid that other people will judge me for accepting Good into my life? Yep. Okay, am I willing to let go of that belief and replace it with a different one? Oh yeah.

Although I act tough, I really do care...too much...about how other people see me. I want to be accepted. I want to feel secure socially. But I have let that need for social security (no pun intended) rob me of my birthright as a child of God! God doesn't really care if people like me. I think God does care that I am refusing His gifts, though.

If you are having a struggle with receiving, here are some quick, simple steps to take to release your blocks:

1. Check in with your Self! Your higher Self is a lot more objective than your ego self is. If you really want an answer, there is always one out there. If you can't seem to find an answer, go to a trusted friend or counselor who might have some insight to share.

2. In "The Power of Now", Tolle tells us that releasing negative patterns is as easy as letting go of a burning coal -- Just Do It! You don't have to figure out how, you don't have to process through it, just do it! You can "drop it", ie give it to Mother Earth, or you can "surrender it". When someone surrenders, he puts his hands up in air: give it to a Higher Power. Ground it down or give it up, but either way, let go of it!

3. Make sure to replace! An old pattern will just come right back home to roost if you do not replace it with a new, healthy belief. "I release all attachment to how others see me. I accept a new awareness of God's Flow into my life, knowing it is my Divine Birthright to be Abundantly happy! Thank You, God!"


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