Phoenix - Do We Have to Burn to Ashes?

My friend called me today, full of urgency: Back up your hard drive! There's a major computer virus and we got it. Back up your work!

So after I backed up all of the important stuff (my website, my newest book, pictures John has drawn on one of our graphics programs) I start to think: If every problem is really a spiritual problem in disguise, what does this mean?

Okay, I have a lot of attachment to some of these things. Emotional attachment (John's squiggles are just so cute!) and mental attachment (I've worked so hard on these things. I don't want to loose them!). In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra tells us that "...detachment is based on the unquestioning belief in the power of your true Self."

If I had an unquestioning belief in my Self, I would know that I need fear nothing. There would be no virus (computer or otherwise) that could possibly harm me. I would have unfailing certainty that anything that is destroyed, is done so by Spirit and that it only breaks down so that it can be re-created in a different, better way.

Michael and I were sitting down a couple of days ago "counting our blessings." (We seem to spend a lot of time just sitting around being completely filled with gratitude at the magnificence of our lives!) Mike started to marvel at all the places in our lives that just a short time ago seemed to be breaking down, but now are vibrant, healthy and powerful. I was reminded of the mythical bird, the Phoenix. Do we have to burn to ashes sometimes in order to create a new, vibrant, beautiful life?

Yes. Sometimes we do. But here's the deal: When we can accept the burn as part of the process and have an unquestioning belief in our Selves, then we start to feel secure no matter what the situation looks like.

When the shake-down happens, when it looks like everything we've worked for is being erased, destroyed, we learn to say, "Thank You, God!" and look forward to what is about to emerge.

We relish the burn, because we have unfailing trust in our Selves. This is where the Way of Harmony is found, an inward peace that is untainted, pure, complete. We relax.

In my life, I'm going to burn. That is not a question. The only question is: Am I going to burn gratefully?


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