Discovering A Deeper Love

Release your fear. Release the past. Don't let the mind-chatter run your life. Get out of the tornado of your thoughts and get into your heart.

Let go and let God. Trust God. Trust yourself. You know how. You know the answers. Just do it. Love will win if you just open your heart.

This is what I tell myself and others, day in, day out. I know these things. They reel off my tongue smoothly. I know the truth of these principles inside and out.

I also know that one little place in my life where I haven't allowed the light of these ideas in. You know, that one, maybe not-so-little place where all of these principles seem meaningless, petty, cliche` even. I know that place in me and you know that place in you.

It's that place where I pray for healing, but deep down I "know" I'm too broken for even God to have any affect. I pray for healing expecting nothing and receiving nothing.

It's that place that seems to rear its ugly head more and more often in my life.

Finally, it begins to ruin almost every day. It drains my energy, it drains my relationships, it drains my self-confidence. It gets so bad that I have to struggle every day to find things to be grateful for. I start to wonder if I'll ever be happy again. I struggle in my work, I struggle in my life, I struggle, struggle, struggle.

All right, already! I give up! God, I'm ready to heal this! Let it go! I'm not willing to carry this around anymore!

And just like that, it's gone. Really, literally, it's gone. I feel lighter, happier, healthier, free. I feel simple, deep, abiding love where before there was nothing but fear.

I have found a deeper love for me, by me. I finally let go of the fear that has bound me for ages. I am free, I am loved, I am whole. I always have been, it was just time to remember.


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