Darkness and Trust

It starts out just fine. We walk into the narrow passageway, six-year-old John in front, then me, then Michael. But just a few steps in and we are pitched into sheer blackness. I mean dark. I mean no light...at all.

John comes to a dead halt right in front of me. I bump into him and Michael bumps into me. Silence. Darkness. "I can't see anything!" (His little voice trembles a little.) "I'm right here, darling! Just take a couple of steps forward." (OK, my voice trembles a little, too.)

As we stumble forward, a small, dim light appears. But just a few steps more and we're past that blessed yellow light.

And we hit a hall.

And it's really dark!

And we can't find our way out.

And Michael is behind me joyfully saying, "Hey, let's try this pathway! Isn't this FUN?" And John and I are thinking, "Hey, this guy is nuts! Get us out of here!"

Just a few, long, minutes and the guy with the flashlight shows up to lead us out. I feel a little silly to be so relieved to see LIGHT.

And all the while, Michael is behind me telling John, "You know, sometimes life is dark. We don't need to be afraid. We trust those around us and we keep moving forward."

Who knew that a hay maze at the pumpkin farm was going to turn into a huge life lesson? I don't know if John got it, but I sure did!


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