Is God Really Good All the Time?

You hear it all the time. You might even say it often. "God is Good all the Time!" Okay, so here's the string of my thinking: If God is everywhere present, and God is good all the time, then poverty and disease are good?! Okay, I can probably decide for myself, rationalize it in some way, that poverty and disease are 'good' in some way, but why on earth would I want to?

Okay, so what's another way I could look at this? Emmet Fox says this: '[Some people] believe God is intelligent but not good - I know people would not dare to say that, but people who think that God sends sickness and trouble really believe in a God Who is not good.' (The Ten Commandments)

Whoa! According to Dr. Fox if I believe that God sends trouble, then I believe that God is not good all the time!

Do you see the intellectual tornado that I involved myself in? The point here is not that I want to change the way you see God. My goal here is to go within and get some major clarity on my own beliefs.

Is God really good all the time? How can I be expressing God (omni-present) and be expressing disease at the same time? Can disease really be of God? (And by 'disease' I really mean 'dis' 'ease', in any area of my life.) How do I see God and what, if any, is God's role in my life? Is God a Partner, a Referee, a Judge, an Onlooker, or what?

As with so many things, I don't believe that there's a 'right' or a 'wrong' way to answer these questions. But I do think that gaining clarity and insight about these questions makes me a brighter light in the world.

So, if you would like a short exercise in clarity, take a few minutes and journal some answers to the above questions. Your answers might be more surprising than you think!



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