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Discover the Secret Roadmap to Moving Past
the Healing Process,
Grasping Your God Given Power and Living the Life You Were Born to Live.

"How to Leave Behind Toxic Memories, Overcome Addictions and Move Past Problems in Life that are Holding You Back From the Incredible Success
You Deserve."

Hello Friend,

Are you ready to heal your life in all its aspects: physical, emotional, financial, creative and relational?  Is it time to create a happy, successful life without limits? 

During dark times in your life it may seem like everyone else is getting ahead while you are stuck in a rut. The secret to moving past your issues lies in the roadmap of your spirit.

"Shelly Walker offers valuable insight into the many passages we can take in life and shows us how to turn the confusing crossroads and threatening bridges of life into opportunities for personal growth.  Her intuitive, sensitive, yet straight-forward approach has helped me bring my best self forward with clarity in many areas of my personal and professional life.  

I am truly grateful for her empathy, and wisdom.   I've personally used her teachings in my relationship practice that have directly touched a lot of people's lives in very profound ways and look forward to more truths she has to share."

- Julianna Montgomery, BooJu Productions

Here are some of the people that I have personally worked with and
the results that they were able to achieve:

My work with Shelly was transformational. In dialogue
with her I was able to gain clarity and insight around
issues I have struggled with for many years. She is
very skilled at drawing out your own inner wisdom,
rather than imposing her own opinions - an approach
which I have found refreshing and immensely effective.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to
work with such a compassionate, insightful and deeply
spiritual person.

- Heather Harris, Integral Body Works

Taking an hour to work with Shelly was enormously spiritually significant for me.  I moved miles where I'd been only inching forward before.  She helped me recognize several points on which I've been stuck for many years, as I hadn't realized the contradictions in what I believe and in how I act. She also gave me several profound inspirations as well as ideas for making profound changes in various areas of my life.

Shelly has wonderful gifts, and I am very thankful that I could work with her.

- Molly Sokolow Hayden

Huge Life Changes Can be Right Around the Corner!

I don't know what brought you to my website, but maybe you believe as I do that everything happens for a reason.  As you continue to read on you may sense a knowing that it is your time to accelerate past those old patterns that keep you stuck.  Ask yourself; "Isn't it time to see yourself shining like you never have before?"

You are living during a very special time in human history.  People are awakening to find true purpose and meaning in their lives.   Survival is no longer enough.   Individuals are coming to understand that happiness is not just an ideal; it is a must.

What is the Missing Ingredient to
Blasting Past Your Limiting Beliefs?

When I was starting my own path of healing, I read dozens of self-help books and books about spirituality.  I would read the book, feel a connection to Spirit and get excited about changing my life, but after a couple of weeks I would find my self right back in the same old routine. I kept searching for the book that would give me the answers I was looking for.  I found myself asking,"where is the relief I'm looking for?"

What every single one of these books lacked for me was concrete direction; I wanted to know specifically what I could do to heal my life.  Reading those books was intellectually satisfying, but they frustrated me more than they seemed to help!

Gradually I made an unconscious shift and started manifesting incredible changes in my life.  This slight shift started moving me from a life of pain and frustration to a life where the things that seemed out of reach for so long were attracted to me like steel to a magnet.

As I followed my own journey I watched many friends struggling on their paths, feeling alone and sometimes frightened.   So I started taking a look at what it was that was making the big difference in my life.

Then one day, a friend lamented, “If only I had some sort of map of the spiritual journey.  If only I could see what was coming and really know where I’ve been!”

The idea struck me like a bolt of lightning!  I looked back at how I had achieved the life I dreamed of and realized there is a path.   You too can see where you are on the path and see what is coming next! 

What resulted from this stunning realization was Awakened Power, a book unlike any other you have read before.  I'll tell you more about how this great resource can help you on this spiritual journey that we call life in a moment. 

First let me take a moment to share with you the spectacular changes that I have come to realize as a result of following this map I have created, so you can make the change to unlock your full potential, too.

A Slight Shift in Thinking Brought
About Amazing Life Changes!

In an amazingly short time I went from being in an unhealthy relationship to finding my life partner.  A few months later I quit my job that was draining all my energy.   All of a sudden I was able to do the things that I wanted with my time.

Then people that were energy drains in my life started disappearing.  I found myself surrounded with empowering friends that have become a solid community of support for each other.

What I still longed for was a second child.  Within a few more months I was pregnant with my second baby.  Now I have a beautiful, healthy daughter who brings me immense joy and happiness everyday.

Next I found myself manifesting a bigger house  with a huge back yard that is fully landscaped with gorgeous perennials and evergreen shrubs.  Now my son has a great space to release his six-year-old energy, while my husband and I have a place to garden and grow our own fresh vegetables in the summertime. 

Amazingly, the house is even four houses from my son's best friend, so they see each other almost every day!  The house is in a great neighborhood and my son attends school in the best local public school district. 

Now my family's passive income is growing every month and our family is well on our way to having the total freedom to do anything we want with our time! 

I don't tell you these things to brag or to impress you.  The fact of the matter is that you too can have anything you desire for your life when you act with your authentic power.  Their are two things that are necessary to bringing forth your power:

A.  A path to follow to move you forward and...

B.  The desire to live the life you want.

Just reading this information tells me that you already have the desire to make lasting changes to your life.  Commend yourself.  Many people are unsatisfied with the life they are living, but don't take the first step to make a powerful lasting change.

The fact that you are here searching for answers means that you are ready to take action.  There is no reason to settle for something less than what you want your life to look like.

Everyone is on their own special journey that we call life, but as different as each journey is, there is an underlying map that ties every journey together like the rivers that connect the small streams to the ocean.

When I looked back upon my own personal healing path and compared it with the dozens of self help books I had read and with my friends' and familys' paths, I realized there is a common map that underlies everyone's journey.   I committed to write it down so that others could clearly see where they were and how to head the direction they wanted to.

As different as every human is from each other, this is the path that everyone takes on their healing journey and one that I wish I had seen years ago.  (It would have saved me from countless hours of frustration and years of confusion and pain.)

If you are like me you will find it incredibly useful. There is no other process like this one.

Your path, your life, is a process, with great lessons and small steps along the way.   This path is a journey and the journey can be treated like a game.  Their are rules to follow.  Follow the rules along the path and you win the game. 

Get Ready to Follow the Path, From How to Prepare for Your Journey All the Way to Your Own Success Story.

Every journey requires preparation. Before you take a road trip in your car, you check your tires, change the oil, make sure your gas tank is full. You’ll prepare for this journey by agreeing to the rules, deciding on a teammate, and loading your tool belt with the tools you need to succeed.

The map will take you from point to point, with explanations, exercises, and support. 

This book consists of readings and exercises.   The readings are personal examples of how I and others have succeeded in following this path. The exercises were created to get you thinking about who you are and why you do the things you do; then, once you have insight into your behavior, to change what doesn’t work in your life so that you are empowered and happy.

You have been on this journey for your entire life. You may stumble along and find your way on the path, but if you aren't conscious of the rules to the game, you are hindering your own progress without knowing it.

And remember, if you don't know where you're going, any road will lead you there! If what you want is to be empowered, successful and happy, following this path with take you there.

Once you uncover the rules and the direction to steer yourself down the correct path, there is no end to what you can achieve.  You know you deserve more and I bet you can picture yourself living the life you want, living in the house you dream of, with plenty of time and money to experience all the wonderful things that the miracle of your life has to offer.

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Awakened Power Can Help
You Heal Every Aspect of Your Life.

Physical Healing

  Release harmful addictions to alcohol, food, drugs, etc, to make a positive impact on your physical health.

  Recognize and release toxic thought patterns, that always affect your health.

Emotional Healing:

  Learn how to forgive and discover how forgiveness frees you from the bonds of toxic thoughts that cage you in a holding pattern.

  Break free from the illusion of the power that your wounds hold over you. 

  Discover how to release your fears and anxieties to create a happy life.

Mental Healing:

  Understand how subconscious thought patterns affect every aspect of life.

  Bring an inner awareness that changes your outer circumstances.  This awareness affects your job, your health, your relationships, your finances, your creativity, and your spiritual life.

  Discover how releasing toxic thoughts creates the space for new, healthier patterns to assert themselves and to affect the above changes.

  Learn to recognize your character traits and gain new tools that help you to succeed in life.

  Find out how to develop discipline, which will help you to successfully meet challenges and reach goals in the future.

  Learn how to create positive mental dialogue. No longer will you be putting yourself and your achievements down, but celebrating your life and your successes.  You can feel good about yourself!

Healing Relationships:

  Discover how releasing blame allows you to be 100% responsible for your life, your decisions and your relationships.  Once you are no longer a victim, you can create the kind of relationships that you desire, because you claim the power in your relationships.

  Learn to recognize how relationships that you’ve viewed as harmful have actually added to your life, and release the pain of any wounds you perceive.

  Become empowered as an individual, allowing you to release any toxic or destructive relationships, knowing that healthy, supportive, loving relationships will come to replace them.

  Find out how focusing on your own role in important relationships helps to strengthen what is good and discover what can be improved, without nagging the other person to change.

Financial Healing:

  Recognize and release all ideas of lack, in order for fiscal abundance to flow.

  Learn the one law you must follow to become financially prosperous.

  Gain the strength to look at your finances without fear and fix what needs to be fixed in order to have a healthy financial life.

check mark  Learn how to gracefull receive the abundance that God is pouring out for you -- right now!

Spiritual Healing:

  Discover what “God” means to you.

  Heal any fear or anger regarding God, and develop a healthy, personal relationship with God.

  Discover how to pray with power and intention.  No more begging!

  Learn that how you see God is how you see the world, and that how you’re seeing God directly affects every circumstance in your life.

Creative Healing:

  Release all blocks to creative flow, which often affects physical and financial health and wealth.

  Learn how to share your special gifts with the world without fear of judgment.


  Having a physical map of the journey you’re taking helps you to feel safe, knowing where you’ve been and that the place where you are is perfect for your development right now.

  Learn how to create or find a supportive community of people who will help you succeed in every goal you seek.

  Having the guide book helps you to feel supported and understood on your journey. You are not alone!

  The book takes you through healing – you don’t have to be stuck in victim-mode any more!

  Learn how to define yourself by your values, rather than your wounds – and how to honor other’s values without judgment.

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To see more about the different aspects of Awakened Power that
will help to remove your limiting patterns and beliefs click here.


Once You Have Awakened the Power
Within, You are on Your Way to Making
Your Hopes and Dreams a Reality.

I share my experience with you in the hopes that it will encourage you to skyrocket yourself forward toward your dreams.  I have a passion for helping people to recognize their true greatness in the world.

Awakened Power isn't a theory that sounds good on paper.  It is a path laid out before you with step-by-step instructions and exercises.  You determine where you are on the journey and then look to see what is ahead.  My deepest desire is for you to awaken the power that is hidden within you so you can be an authentically happy person.

Imagine big changes happening in your life.   Just one sentence of this book could be the one that makes the shift and changes your entire outlook on life.  Awakened Power is only $47  $29.  The exercises alone are worth far more than this small investment in your future.

When you purchase Awakened Power, 10% of all profits will be donated to The American Red Cross.  So you are giving financially to those in need just by making your purchase.

You have nothing to lose by purchasing your own copy of Awakened Power today.  With my no-nonsense guarantee you have a full 90 days to put the principles to use.  If you don't believe that Awakened Power was worth well more than every dime I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

No Nonsense, Air Tight
Day Money Back Guarantee

Read through Awakened Power.  Do the exercises and make use of the map for a full 90 days.  If at any time within a 90 days of purchasing Awakened Journey you don't believe that is worth every penny that you have invested in yourself, I will promptly and courteously return 100% of your money no questions asked.


The choice is now in your hands.  Are you ready to find practical ways to get past the healing process and to empower yourself to live the life you deserve or are you going to struggle on without new tools to empower yourself?

I know that authentic power is within you.  Big changes are around the bend.  Discover the roadmap for yourself today in Awakened Power!

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This digital product will be available for instant download on another webpage the moment after your order has been processed on Clickbank's secure server.  Instant access means you can get Awakened Power within minutes, even if it is 3 am!

I wish you the best of success in your life's journey.

Blessings and Many Happy Returns,

Shelly Walker

P.S.  Discover how to unlock your subconscious beliefs, get past the healing process and live an empowered life like you deserve.  Awakened Power is only $29 and you can take advantage of my full 90 day unconditional money back guarantee.  Take action on your future today and order Awakened Power!


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